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Ageless War

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Shifting between the dual worlds is essential and fairly novel. A massive gate or a lack of platforms, for example, may hinder your progress in one world, but switch to the other and the path may be open and clear. Ageless War looks and sounds great, but to put it simply, it's just not that fun at all. Initial levels are quite relaxing but it isn't long at all until the stages become brutal and punishing.

Controls of the Game

It's explaind during the game. But you use both Mouse and Keyboard buttons.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Always be creating villagers

Do not ignore your military

Immediately create 4 villagers

Have two villagers build two houses

game review

It goes significantly deeper than that (from the numerous unit types to the individual benefits and weaknesses each civilisation has) Ageless War is a lot of fun and holds up pretty well, even if it has been surpassed in the genre since then. A solid multiplayer component is included in the package, and one that will no doubt sweeten the deal. Meanwhile, visual improvements are fairly modest but noticeable. New textures scale well to higher resolutions and it's certainly a better-looking game.