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Royal Warfare 2

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After fighting back against the undead warriors and reclaiming their land, everyone thought that it was finally time for peace. They were soon proven wrong on all accounts as for rumors spread across the kingdom as new portals were appearing and leaking out the evil warriors once again. But the Royal Army isn't retreating like they did before. They're heading right into it to shut it down before things go from bad to worse. Idengames is back with Royal Warfare 2. With the Grand Wizard Corvinus being able to teleport in allies it's up to you to strategize the battlefield.

Controls of the Game

You control this game with Keyboard and Mouse. But you will get an idea trough the game. It's really easy.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Some are stronger against magic types

Others can deal great damage to armor

Some units even get a bonus when fighting alone.

Be on top of things and remember who does what.

There is a pause button you can use at any time to re-organize your units, though they won't move to where you tell them to until you return to the games, but it's a good way to take a breather.

Also a way to make the lesser enemies units fade out a bit so you can really focus on the bigger bad guys who can tear through your squad if you're not too careful

game review

In the end, Royal Warfare 2 is not a game you can just call in troops, dump them and leave them to do their own thing. It really is all about strategy and takes a keen mind to find what is best. It's a challenge fans of the defense genre will love.