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Stick War

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When you first play Stick War, a warm feeling develops in your gut. Warcraft meets Civilization! Real-time empire-building! And does it ever look sharp and feel right. But an uneasy feeling builds as you get deeper into it, a sense that all is not quite right. This is not quite the game you hoped for. Even worse, it has some definite problems. The pitfall when you review a game as anticipated and debated as this one is to make sure you criticize it for what it is, not for what you wish it was.

Controls of the Game

You control with your Mouse and Keyboard. Tips ahead in game as you progress.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Building placement

Choose your tribe

Conquest strategies

Deathmatch games

Resource depletion strategy

game review

Stick War 2 doesn't do much to improve upon the original. The first StickWars game was a novel idea with an irreverently clever use of stick figures. This sequel has basically the same gameplay, but adds a lot of color and ramps up the difficulty factor (the game was way too hard when first released, but was updated to make it much more manageable). Frankly, the colors don't help much - the original black stick figures had a more classic quality to them and were more appealing to look at. It's possible that people who finished the first game and want to try a more challenging followup might like the increased difficulty, but newcomers will most likely just get frustrated.